The Edible Box - speaks for itself, a selection of edibles sourced from fantastic suppliers. Delicious candies, Luxurious Chocolates and something to quench your thirst...


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***13 Products included***


1 x Green Monkey CBD Drink 10mg 

1 x Little Ricks (Coconut & Raspberry) CBD Drink 32mg
1 x CBD Gummy Rings - Blue 100mg
1 x CBD Gummy Rings - Green 100mg
1 x CBD Gummy Rings - Red 100mg
1 x CBD Gummy Rings - Peach 100mg  
2 x CBD Neon Gummy Packs 100mg
1 x CBD Classic Gummy Bears 90mg
2 x CBD Organic Vegangummy Packs 90mg
1 x CBD Chocolates Milk 100mg
1 x CBD Chocolates Dark 100mg


Over 1000mg CBD total Hamper!!


For product specifics incl. ingredients & Lab Reports please see specific product pages.


***We (OMC) do not recommend exceeding 100mg CBD a day***
General Guidelines (Institutions vary) state between 70mg > 130mg RDA.


The Edible Box

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