Size: Large [Bar]


Gross Weight: 100g


CBD Dosage: 100mg


Price: £8.00


Use by: Products sould be used within 12 months of purchase. Unless otherwise stated on packaging.

Details: Handmade Soap infused with CBD Oil (See lab report relating to CBD Oil). Rich sulpate free soap with Hemp seed oil & Crushed Hemp seeds for added exfoliation. Coconut Oil for extra nourishment. CBD Oil and Tea tree & eucalyptus essential Oils to aid in skin care.


***We (OMC) do not recommend exceeding 100mg CBD a day***

General Guidelines (Institutions vary) state between 70mg > 130mg RDA.

OMC CBD Infused Handmade Hemp Soap

  • We include a little  baggy with our soaps for storage between uses. We find the soap lasts better when stored in a sealed bag and not drying out in a dish.