Our crystal bracelets have been created to the highest quality & are designed to last.

Each bracelet contains beautiful genuine crystal beads chosen for their beneficial properties.

These bracelets are fully adjustable with an elasticated core to ensure a comfortable fit for all.

We've even included some Lava-stones to infuse your favourite & most relaxing essential oils.

With the 'Cherry on the Cake' being the cute little Pot Leaf charm.... Because, that's what we are about! #CBD


All bracelets come gift boxed and include a little black Hessian carry pouch.




Black Tourmaline: Grounding, Protection

Amethyst: Spiritual Protection

Labradorite: Awareness





Malachite: To absorb negativity

Lapis Lazuli: Strength, Courage, Truth

Aventurine: Imagination, Creativity





Citrine: The Power of the Sun, Optimism, Prosperity

Clear Quartz: Protection, Healing

Carnelian: Courage, Inner Strength





Tigers Eye: Focus, Good Luck, Imsight

Rutilated Quartz: Awareness, Positivity

Carnelian: Courage, Inner Strength

Garnet: Sparks Devotion & Adoration





Selenite: Optimism, Fidelity

Rose Quartz: Unconditional Love, Peace, Harmony

Garnet: Sparks Devotion & Adoration





We've taken the traditional Chakra healing Crystal bracelet to the next level... 

Not only have we included 7 healing crystals to boost the Chakra, we've added even more energy boosting bling to really make the bracelet, the only Crystal bracalte you will even need!


Full list of the Chakra+ Crystals below & a very brief description of their boosting properties...


Black Tourmaline: Protection & Grounding 

Amethyst: Spiritual Protection

Labradorite: Awareness

Lapis Lazuli: Strength, Courage & Truth

Malachite: Absorb Negativity 

Aventurine: Imagination & Creativity 

Citrine: The Power of the Sun, Prosperity & Optimism

Carnelian: Courage & Inner Strength 

Garnet: Adoration & Devotion

Rose Quartz: Peace, Harmony & Unconditional Love

Selenite: Optimism & Fidelity


Lava Stones: Infuse Essential oils and calming fragrance 



Created to the highest quality

Genuine Semi-precious Crystals

Full adjustable

Elasticated core to ensure complete comfort.


As always, each comes gift packaged.


Crystal Bracelets (6 styles)