We are super excited to  bring this fantastic product to you!!


Everyone loves a Candle right? 


We have created a fantastic new product - The OMC Soy CBD Balm Candle. Using premium grade (eco) soy wax we have added hemp seed oil, a nice large dose of CBD, some helpful terpenes (Myrcene) and luxurious fragrance oils, to create this wonderful candle that smells fantastic AND can be used as a CBD BALM!


Simply burn the candle for a few minutes, pour out and apply some of the wax to the affected area. Then (if you wish) relight and continue to enjoy the infusion of fragrance and cannabis extracts in the room (please note there is no Cannabis smell but the CBD and hemp seed oil is still infused to the surrounding areas much like the aromatherapy fragrance oils used).


These wonderful candles are available in our 5 signature scent infusions:








OMC CBD Balm Candle