Who are The OMC - Our Story...

Back in 2012 we opened a little Coffeeshop in Roath, Cardiff #TheBubbleCafe. Our vision was to bring an Amsterdam style Coffeeshop to the heart of Cardiff. However CBD hadn't become legal back then. So, times changed, life moved on and The Bubble had its time. A fabulous learning curve and an great insight to the area & the wonderful people! - Its actually where our famous Brownies were originally

conceived! #chocolatebrownies in a variety of taste combinations. including - Triple Chocolate, White Chocolate & Macadamia nut, Black Forest, Chocolate Orange & Chocolate Fudge - We will be bringing back the varieties very soon don't worry! But for now you can get our signature CBD Brownies here.

After life got in the way (as it so often does), ongoing health issues caused a pretty serious issue in day-to-day life. With constant pain being the overbearing problem. Regular employment had to step back and pain management became a priority - just to get through the day.

*Enter Legalisation of CBD*

Now we certainly aren't going to shout from the rooftops this is a miracle drug that will cure all...

Number 1) It works differently for everyone. No body is the same therefore no Endocannabinoid system (ECS) is the same...

Number 2) We are not allowed to make profound medical claims as [you guessed it] we are not Doctors or Medical Experts. We are [simply put] a collective with a wealth of knowledge gained over decades of research on CBD, the benefits & the products available to potentially help our customers manage their ailments.

It's simple, CBD has helped us and we want to help YOU!

So we have set up an online store with some of the best quality products available, at the best prices we can source and all delivered to your door! Potentially Free of Charge (if you're a local - See website).

We Source our products from suppliers in the UK, Europe and USA (mainly California & Colorado), we offer a wide range of products to suit all wants and needs. Whether you are a first time experimenter unsure if CBD is right for you or a seasoned stoner looking to better manage pain. We've got you covered! We are working on finding the perfect location so you can all pay us a visit in person :)

Questions? Just ask - - We're here to help YOU!

CBD Hampers & Gifts, A great selection of CBD Edibles, CBD Body Care range & CBD Vape Lounge!

Please Note: No sale to any person under the age of 18 years.

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