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Body Care Dosage - We do not recommend using more than one (Single Use) Body Care product each day. For example, if you are using  a Bath Bomb there is not need to use a CBD Facemask too. This will just be excessive and wasteful. Save the Mask for another day. 
However, if you have applied a (Multi-Use) CBD product such as Pain Relief Cream and some hours later are still suffering you can apply more or use another CBD product like Oil (Orally or Topically) to aid in relieving any symptoms.
Body Care Administration - Oils can be orally or topically, creams/facemasks/lipbalms are all topical, Bath Bomb dissolved in the Bath.

Edible Dosage - 1/2 pieces, keep in mind that different Candies contain different volumes of CBD. Chocolates and belts contain 10mg  each, where as each Gummy Ring contains 30mg. If you doubt start with 1 piece and work up dosage if required.

Edible Administration - All edibles are as you would expect taken orally. Note: there are loads of CBD receptors under the tongue, so for best absorption keep in the mouth for a minute or so and chew well. 

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