Body Care range Lab reports

Lab Report CBD Oil - Doctor Herb 1000mg/10ml

Dr Herb CBD Oil new lab rep.jpg

Lab Report CBD Bathbomb 100mg

Bath bomb 100mg.jpg

Lab Report CBD Lipbalm 50mg

Please Note: Single Lab report for LVWell Brand, Individual flavour Lab reports for FAVOR Brand Lipbalms.

Lip Balm 50mg.jpg
Lip Balm 55mg Melon.jpg
Favor - Balm Mint.jpg
Favor - Balm Strawberry.jpg
Favor - Balm Tropical.jpg
Favor - Balm French Vanilla.jpg

Lab Reports CBD Facemasks

LR FM1.jpg
LR FM3.jpg
LR FM2.jpg
LR FM5.jpg
LR FM4.jpg

Lab Reports for the full range of Doctor Greens Products

Dr Greens balm lab report.jpg
Dr Greens balm lab report pt2.jpg

Lab Report CBD Muscle & Joint Cream

Muscle and joint lab.jpg

Lab Report LVWell CBD Muscle Rub Balm


Lab Report CBD Oil (Freedom) 1000mg/10ml

CBD Freedom 1000mg CBD Oil Drops

Lab Report CBD Isolate (Gold)

Please Note: This product is used in the Handmade Soap & Leaf Chocolates

Isolate (Gold) lab test.jpg
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